"Let us raise our voice through design
and that all listen to us."


We are in an uncertain worldwide process. The trust ties at financial systems and in politics are in an undeniable crisis. I many countries we are living a sad reality: corruption has globalize and It seems that politicians arrives to their positions not to serve people, but for steal what belongs to the nation in which they were elected.

The criminal who steals and kills is glorifies as a celebrity.

It seems that values and human rights can be bought and they are in a second place in front of excessive importance hat is gave to money.

We have get into the “logic” of savage market which says: “ If you do not have it, you can not be”.

Kindness does not seems very interesting to irrational market which trades even with people awareness.

There are people which kills for being paid and then buy clothes of rename brands or some fashion gadgets. But there are no gadgets to intensify self critics or repellents which reject bad or egoistic behavior. No love pills at any pharmacy.

We are in a descendent spiral which takes off human value and put the material interest above. But, let´s do a reflection: none corporate interest has achieve reproduce what for nature make all of us humans.

Not even all money in the world will make that someone falls in love really with somebody else who does not love. Real love cannot be bought, it is impossible to sale it also because in that case it will never can be authentic if it is considerate as a product.

The honor and compassion, the integrity, worth more than all corporations together which pretend buy and sale whatever.

Let´s look for what really make us feel strong, valuable and which belongs to our own nature and is impossible to buy or sale.

TURN A LIGHT ON, let´s find that SPARK inside of us.

The trust, kindness, honesty, joy, the courage to discover new worlds, enormous or microscopic ones, the adventure, the laugh, or an u¬¬nconditional love… Get some inspiration!.

Noam Chomsky.

Gandalf top 5 quotes.