"Let us raise our voice through design
and that all listen to us."


We look that human beings be capable to re find what world needs more and which that source are not in commercial shelves, nor in advertising or at financial system but in human being SELF. The human being, from their bowels is the only ONE with the capacity to produce love, compassion, honesty, awareness, courage, and become in an incorruptible person. These are the values that human´s can produce and these are the only ones which will save him from other which has left behind their humanity and pretend that the rest of us do the same. The values are the true excusive luxury for people with decision of not become corrupt, to love, to feel compassion, to tolerate and communicate with the truth.

Please, TURN A LIGHT ON inside of you and express with all your strength, we need make humanity to remember that solution is not out of it´s hands…it is exactly in them.

Values you can choose:

- Happiness

- Truth

- Honesty

- Love

- Courage

- Engagement

- Self critic

- Compassion

- Kindness

- Tolerance

- Patience

- Transparence

Or any other which TURN A LIGHT ON

Contrast: If you decided to choose the “contrast” topics, please try to find a light or a message which helps people to reflection on them.

- Sadness

- Lie

- Corruption

- Hate

- Cowardice

- Lax

- Egocentrism

- Cruelty

- Intolerance

- Impatient

- Opacity