Péter — Pócs

September 14th 1950 - Pécs, Hungary He graduated from the Higher School of Fine Arts in 1971. He has worked as a graphic designer since 1972, mainly performing cultural posters for plays, exhibitions and festivals, as well as posters with social and political content since 1989. His teachers Henryk Tomaszewski , Waldemar Awierzy and György Konecsni. His only commercial customer is Tomás T. Nagy, a cheese merchant. Their plastic posters with their characteristic figures made of plasticine, salt or fabric molded, painted and then photographed are immediately recognizable. He is a regular participant in international poster symposia where he is frequently invited. (Hommage à Max Ponti International Litfass-Kunst Biennale, 13 + Lautrec, Communication 2000, Hungarian Millennium, Toulouse Family.) With his works he participates constantly in international exhibitions, biennials and triennals. Since 1987 he has been a founding member of the artistic group D.O.P.P .. In1991 he created his personal studio, the Studio POSTERS'V Design. One of his posters was selected for the exhibition called The 100 Best Posters of the World of Europe and America 1945-1990. He has been the winner of important international design contests, the selection of one of his posters in the exhibition "The 100 best European and American posters of the world, 1945-1990", the silver medal at the Seventh Biennial of the Cartel in Mexico, Bronze medal at the International Poster Biennial in Brno or the grand prize for the best poster of the year. To this day he is one of the graphic designers with the highest recognition, his work is shown in exhibitions, museums, exhibitions, biennials, triennals and design galleries from all over the world.