Guadalupe — Betanzo

Graduated from the College of Graphic Design of Benemérita Universidad de Puebla. She currently works as a teacher of Art & Design at Enrique Cabrera High School Barroso Urbana, from the same University. Member of the collective Literature in the Cinema, directed by designer René Azcuy, has participated in several collective exhibitions, for several museums and institutions, such as the Mexican Design Museum (MUMEDI) and Casa de las Américas. The Spanish Cultural Centre in La Habana, Cuba. European Film Show in Miami, Florida. In Segovia city, Spain (MUCES) 2011, 5th International Poster Exhibition: WALLS DOWN and in Lima, Perú at BiCeBe (International Poster Biennial in Bolivia) 2013. She is part of the Women Design Project, directed by Dr. Eréndida Mancilla, who combines the work from women designers from San Luis Potosí, Puebla & other Mexican cities and organised collective exhibitions. Member off the groups: Women Designers, Imagines en Voz Alta & LATAM, Latin American Design Project.